PSA: Keep Your Child at Home if They are Contagious

I have a household of sick people now because someone at my daughter’s school had a cold. I know getting sick is inevitable for every one of us but it really frost my cake when parents send their obviously sick child to school. I completely understand that some parents cannot afford the time to stay home with a sick child but it is not fair to the sick child nor is it fair for their classmates and educators to get sick because one parent did not stay home that one day to take care of their sick child. For those of you who maybe wondering is I kept my daughter when she is sick. I do indeed keep her home and I pick up her school work from school to make sure that she doesn’t behind. As for this time around, I didn’t because I made sure that she was properly medicated throughout the weekend to make sure that she would not be contagious by the time she goes back to school. I am not parenting is easy but somethings are common sense. You wouldn’t want to go to work when you are very sick so why should a child go to school sick and spread their illness when they can stay home for at least a day.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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