Feeding your family on a budget


These are great tips to use and here are some that I have used.

  1. Plan out your meals a month ahead and make a list of all ingredients needed.
  2. Get the Sunday paper to compare prices before heading out to the grocery store.
  3. Leave the children and hubby at home or you will never stay within your budget.
  4. Leave extra money per shopping trip for fruits and milk since those are items you may run out of before your next major shopping trip.
  5. Keep track of you receipts to see which store saves you more money in the long run.
  6. Buying in bulk does work that is if you have a freezer. We have a freezer and it has been very helpful for us.
  7. Another way to save money on your food budget is portion control. I started it to help me reach my goal weight and I now find us wasting less food and that our grocery bill is slowly shrinking.
  8. Good luck and I hope you find these tips helpful.


your feedback is appreciated!!!

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