My typical day

So the game plan when I woke up this morning was simple. Get everyone up on time with enough time to eat breakfast and drop off my oldest to school. The problem with my schedule is that things never go exactly as planned. I woke up on time which was  good and after some begging on my part I finally got my 4-year-old son out of bed. We all got cleaned and dressed in time for some family time after breakfast. We left the house 20 minutes earlier today since I had a PTO related matter to handle at my daughter’s school. Things started going of track while we were at my daughter’s school. My son “the boy” as he calls himself decided that he was ready for kindergarten and had no plans on leaving his sister’s classroom when it was time to leave. Once again I had to beg him and even offered a candy bribe which worked. Yeah, that was probably not the best way to handle that but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. We left and we exited the school, “the boy” decided that he was in a running mood. Normally I would not care that he wants to run, after all him running equates to a break for me later on in the day. I calmly told him that running in a school parking lot during morning drop off was definitely not the best idea. Did he listen? Nope, I had to yell and literally chase him before he got the point. Was I mad and slightly embarrassed? Yep, but who cares I got “the boy” to stop running and we were on our way home. Our day did not get progressively better for some odd reason, in fact things just went straight down hill from there. We had a melt down at Wal-Mart during my morning walk. I walk around Wal-Mart for about 45 minutes some days when it is too cold to take my children out. We came home right around snack time and thankfully we had no problems with that. “The boy” loves to snack on healthy foods and he ate his banana while I cleaned the kitchen sink. I had originally planned on him writing, drawing, and working on some addition and subtraction before lunch but he became impossible and that did not workout. I would have stuck with it had it not been for his baby sister “the diva” who too was fussy and did not want to lay in her bed or bouncer. I gave up trying to do any housework or lessons simply because I ran out of energy and patience. I know it sounds bad but keep in mind that I was running on maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep and I am also fighting a stomach bug. Overall, today was an ok day. Why? Well, because no one got hurt, my children were fed, my daughters and son got the attention they deserve and my husband had a meal to eat when he came home. I would have loved to get some me time in but I will try again tomorrow. Hoping for a smooth day is all I ask for.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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