FYI…A Child is not an Accessory

So, this is probably going to come off as a rant and in a way it is. I am not trying to judge anyone but I have read somewhere that Ms. Jessica Simpson is possibly pregnant but has not confirmed it publicly because she is trying to make a business deal with one of the many celebrity magazines. First of all, I really don’t care if she is pregnant or not. I am a happy mother of three beautiful children that I can’t stop talking about. I am happy for her if she is pregnant but I am so sick and tired of these celebrities thinking making money off of their children is a good career move. When has parenthood become a second source of income? Children are a blessing and sharing the news should be something beautiful and  loving not a financial deal.

I remember reading somewhere that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were given a large amount of money for sharing their daughter’s pictures with the press. Yes, they are both two famous people who met and had a baby. Once again good for them but why should they be paid to share pictures of their child? That money was apparently donated to charity, which in a way is good but I still find it sad that people have become so self-absorbed that they are now marketing their off spring even before they are born. Whatever happened to entertainers doing their jobs and having a private life? It would be nice to go back to the good old days when celebrities had private lives instead of  “reality” shows.

Back to Ms. Simpson, I am happy for you if you are expecting and I wish you nothing but the best but I really hope that you are only keeping quiet because you want your privacy protected and not for a financial pay off. To all other celebrities and want to be celebrities…us normal people are not always so into your private lives as you may think so please focus on your art and stop sharing so much of your private lives with us.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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