The end of ‘reality’ based shows…I hope so

I just read an article on about a petition going around asking E! news to cancel the “Keeping Up…” shows. I for one say that it is way over due. I don’t know these people personally and so cannot say what they really are like in real life. As a parent I don’t like the images they are creating for young girls and young boys. There was one episode about one of the girls being put on birth control. I did not see that episode but I read about the uproar on some online news outlet. I  don’t agree with a mother encouraging her child to get on birth control period. Children need to be taught to respect and preserve their bodies. What ever happened to women waiting until they are married? Whatever happened to women dressing and behaving like women? We need to re-think the we children are being raised in this country.

I hate what I see when I turn on the television and would like to see more family oriented shows instead of the following; “Bacholer”, “bachelorette”, “Bad Girls Club“, Keeping Up with the Kardarshains”. “16 and Pregnant, and all the other shows that are being created to “entertain” when in reality they are actually making our society a less moral and more materialistic nation. We need to take a step back and evaluate our behaviors as viewers to see that we can change and fix the current problem. Stop watching all these shows, take some time out to play games with your children. Go ahead talk to your child and find out what their day was like at school. Go out for a walk instead of getting on the phone or your iPad and ignoring your child. Our children are so fascinating and they d have a lot to say if we listen and show interest in what they have to say. Turn off the television and stop feeding into the trash and instead work on raising well-rounded individuals who will value their morals instead the size of their paychecks.


your feedback is appreciated!!!

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