Enough is enough…Parents have to set a higher standard for their children.

I just watched a segment on 20/20 about how children are pushed into adult roles too soon. The segment discussed the type of clothes that are being made for young girls these days. As a parent it really bothers me that designers and stores alike are making and marketing some of the products they do sell. Yes, it is the parent’s choice as to what they buy for their children. It is becoming much more difficult to find age appropriate outfits for my little girls and I find it sad. I would love to walk into a clothing store and find a skirt that is not too short or too tight for my six-year-old. I tried for years to find age appropriate skirts and gave up. I now sew my daughter’s skirts and have been for a while. I would like to remind parents that we are the ones making things worse. We hold the key to changing some of the things that we see going wrong in our society. Don’t buy a skirt that is too short just because, go find another way to clothe your child appropriately. We should all write letters to the designers and marketing executives about this alarming trend and ask them to rethink the way the make and market their products. Children should be given every chance to enjoy their childhood and not be forced to become grown ups at such an early age.

2 Responses

  1. I think it’s sad as well, also when parents think of their kids as friends. They have lots of friends they need parents.

    • I also think that some parents are trying so hard to make up for their crazy work schedules that they get into the friend zone with their children. They need to find a balance that will keep them as authority figures and someone ther children can confide in. We all know that this parenting thing is not an exact science but we should make more of an effort at building strong and healthy relationships with our children instead of trying to buy their affections.

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