God does not condone hate…stop using his name in your hateful ways.


I read this and got very angry because no one has the right to tell anyone who they should or should not marry. This church is one of the many reasons why some people hate religion. God made us all in his image and for a church to take such a stand against interracial marriage, it is like they are saying God was wrong in making us they way he did. These types of attitudes are the reason our nation is still so far behind in racial relations. As a parent I am trying to raise my children to be open-minded and respectful to everyone. Whatever happened to the church reading the Bible and teaching people about God’s will? I would rather see the church focus on teaching people the contents of the Bible and leaving the politics to the politicians. There is a reason the church and the government are two separate. I am and sick and tired of how people are using the church to mask their discriminatory ways. We as parents need to teach our children what the Bible really says and not what the “extremists” religious leaders are saying because people are always going to push their agendas instead of teaching God’s words.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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