Food Safety…Who is watching over these food companies?

Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed that it seems like there is a news report or two almost every month about things in food that should not be in them? Do you actually take the time to read the labels on the food you buy? To be honest, I can’t say that I always do, but I am becoming a much more concerned consumer and parent due to all these news reports regarding the everyday products we buy and use.  Have you heard about a recent study done on apple juice? If not, you can read the attached article about how scientists found arsenic in the apple juice we give our children. Yes, I do understand that most of the food we ingest does have some toxins in them, but this study found that there are dangerous amounts of arsenic in apple juice. The thing that made me mad about this news is the fact that the FDA was not aware of just how much arsenic was in the juice. One would think that the FDA would have been on top of this, considering that it is their responsibility to monitor the safety of food based products that are being produced and sold in this country. I wanted to write this to inform and  to encourage you to be more aware of what you buy.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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