Another wonderful day

I still don’t understand why I never sleep in when my children do. I tried to fall back asleep for maybe 20 minutes or so but it didn’t work so I got up. I decided to start the off on a positive note by doing push ups and reverse crunches. Just so you know, I am not yet capable of doing regular push ups so they were definitely modified. It was definitely a great way to start the day. I got my little diva up and ready for day before her older brother and sister woke up. It was also that I was able to drink my cup of  joe in peace which is a rarity since I lost my special space. 

My loves and I had a pretty simple day after their breakfast. We collected the trash and took it to the landfill after cleaning the dishes from breakfast. We came back just in time for reading time…yes, I have a designated time for them to read everyday (we do always get to have reading time). I read to my little man several times which is wonderful since he was not very interested in reading. My little princess read her book and wrote a summary of what she learned in her reading journal. We had a great tea party afterwards before they went upstairs to plan pretend while I bake chocolate chip cookies for our new neighbors (who as it turns out seems to be out-of-town).

 The hubby came home and it was time for my run. I was not in the mood to get out in the cold and run but I pushed myself and did it anyways. The first mile is always the hardest, I ran two laps around our neighborhood and it felt a bit harder the second time around but that was to be expected. I love running and the feeling of accomplishment I feel after pushing myself and I have a pretty good feeling that I will stick with it. I ran a total of 3 miles today which is an improvement from yesterday’s 2.5 miles…I hope to run everyday as long as it is physically possible. I came back home to the children playing video games with daddy. Did I sit down for a break? Nah, I went into the kitchen with my diva and we cooked dinner together…( we made cute faces at each other while I cook).  Ran to the grocery store after dinner since it is better to grocery shop without the munchkins. Well, I need to back to my loves for our night-time routine…Wishing you all a great evening.

Thank you for stopping by and reading, I hope that you find something helpful in this post 🙂


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