Healthy Start…Almost

Day 1: 365 Day Weight Lose Goal/Challenge…aka ” From Slacker to Fierce”

Ok, So I found this book at CVS when filling out one of the many prescriptions I have had to get since I gave birth to our third and final baby. The title of the book is; “365- Day Journal Food, Fitness, and Faith for Women.” This is a great book that I hope will be a great tool in my journey to a healthier life. I am also going to be using the following tools. I found a recipe book that I have actually had for a while but never used. I am going to list all the books and tools at the bottom of this post for those of you who might be interested in joining me on this journey.

I started out the day on a positive note by eating a healthy breakfast and drinking a lot of water. I ate a yummy lunch before we went to the movies and then it kinda went down hill from there. I ordered nachos for a snack even though I was not hungry. I guess it’s the mob mentality thing but I did and felt very guilty afterwards. After the movies we came home and I went out for a run. I had intended on running 3 miles tonight but got kinda scared since it gets dark so early in the winter.  I ran 2 miles and came home to cook dinner while the family hangs out in the living room. Dinner is always black eye peas with neck bones and rice on New Year in our family. I served myself a good portion without going over board but then came the red velvet cake in the fridge. I am sometimes an emotional eater but for the life of me I don’t know what made me grab that cake. I will however, make the effort to figure out why I chose to eat a piece of cake that I obviously did not need to eat.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading my posts…As promised, here is the list of books I am going to use to help me reach my ideal weight. I also attached a link to a great article about foods we can eat to be healthier. Hope you find it helpful 🙂

1. The Big Book of Quick & Healthy Recipes: 365 Delicious & Nutritious Meals in Under 30 Minutes.

2. 365-Day Journal Food, Fitness and Faith for Women.

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  1. I forgot to attach a list of recipes on this post but I will tomorrow 🙂

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