Day 58: Reflections

Day 58: from slacker to fierce

Real transformation cannot be achieved without inner transformation. For some this means going to therapy to deal with their past. While others seek God to get their minds and hearts right. Who is right? Some would say that seeking God is the only way while others would say seeing a counselor to talk things out is better. personally, I believe that the method used should be one that is best suited for the individual. Some people are not religious and therefore will not have a need to seek God. Then, there are the believers who have and will continue to seek God’s support in their dealings with life’s challenges. I am an advocate for both not just because I once worked in the mental health field. I believe that God gave us different talents and a good counselor will help people see the errors of their ways and will work with them to help them see how to make the necessary changes needed to lead a better and happier life.

I said all that because I have found that my eating habits were once closely linked to my moods. There were days when I ate just to fill a void inside and it took me years to see that pattern. I saw a counselor to help me understand why I was doing that to myself. Yes, I saw a counselor and I am not ashamed of it. Most people think that going to a counselor is bad because it must mean that they are crazy and that is a very bad misconception that needs to be eradicated. I saw a counselor and I made an effort to get closer to God. My effort to reach out to God and to seek counselor has done wonders for my eating habits and how I deal with pain and I wish more people will take  the time to consider seeking outside help when all else has failed.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something helpful during this visit 🙂

3 Responses

  1. I have been seeing a counselor for quite some time, as I have issues relating to chronic severe back pain. I was also in an extremely abusive marriage; still have to deal with my ex stalking and threatening me. I think you are wise to be seeking help and I will pray for you! Bee well…

    • So proud of you for getting out that abusive relationship. I will pray that your stalking gets the help they need, so you can have some peace of mind. Keep staying strong and God will keep you safe 🙂 Thank you for your comments they are always so kind and thought 🙂

  2. Thank you for being inspirational. God is Love

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