Sex Education…Who Should Teach Your Child?

I know some of you may give me grief for saying this but I completely agree with this bill. Sex education is a very personal thing and it should be the parents’ job to properly present the information that they feel their child needs to know. Yes, it is very easy for young people to see and “learn” about sex in the media. The information being presented in shows, movies and books are not always realistic, healthy nor safe. Parents can get the necessary information from their children’s physicians if they are not sure what to share and how to share it. The school system needs to focus on teaching them math, history, language arts, science, technology and art. We as parents need to take a more active role in how we are preparing our children for their future.

I just feel that parents are giving up too much of their say in how their children are being educated and that is a shame. Education starts at home and parents need to slow down and ask themselves the following questions. Do I want my child to learn about sex from a stranger? How do I want my child to feel about sex? When is the best time to introduce the topic and how much should I share? Children are smart and they will respect their parents for reaching out to them and letting them know the facts.

Once again, these are my opinions and I am sure that many of you don’t agree with me and I am completely alright with that. I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂

3 Responses

  1. We have taught our children about all the biological parts of sex. They need to know this. We also taught our children what God says about sex. What we stressed mostly was that the reason God asks us to wait is because it’s His ideal AND that no teenager (or young adult before the age of 25 in my opinion) is emotionally ready for sex. Engaging in sexual behavior is not only something God intends to be within the bonds of marriage, until a person’s brain stops growning – at around age 25 – there is lack of emotional maturity as well.

    That being said, how does a state’s health curriculum teach abstinence only when they have to teach about parts of the body and their functions? Can we teach health and science without approaching the subject of our sexual organs and how the body is made for reproduction? Sandy

    • Sandy,
      You asked great questions, for the first question. I think it is possible to teach about the body parts and their functions. Teachers should stress the importance of waiting for sexual activity until they are old enough to really understand the consequences. I think that every child should know their body parts and how they work. I just worry that some children get the wrong message in sex education classes. One of my facebook friends made a great point about teaching children the signs of inappropriate sexual behavior. We have all seen the news about parents touching their children inappropriately and I can see where a sex education class could be helpful for a child who needs to know what to watch for. I guess, I am for it and against it at the same time. Maybe we as parents need to work with teachers to make sure that information being presented to our children at school is age appropriate and that it is taught in a non-biased manner.

      • I completely agree with you.

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