Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin!!!!


Stacked and chained I was, sent to a new and strange world. Where I was forced to do manual labor. What did I get in reward for working so hard? Well, nothing actually, I got no recognition. All I got was disgrace and hatred in return but I stand still. Now I think there is hope for the future. That hope is the desire to work hard for everything and everyone that I believe in. By doing that there would be hope for a change in the future, so let’s keep the hope for a brighter future and stay together as one.
 I was forced to use separate bathrooms, and water fountains because of the color of my skin. What difference does the color of my skin makes? I’ve always thought that people are treated equally in this world. God made us as is children, so that means we all one big family. In every family there is good and there is bad but they always find a way to work things out.
I have been called lazy, stupid and useless because of the pigmentation of my skin, culture and believe. Why must I be treated like this? Is this because I’m different? I am different because God wants me to. You are also different because the Lord wants you to. I don’t know why but I like things this way. It would not be fun, interesting, and or exciting, without all these differences our lives would be boring. So try to learn about everyone around you. By doing that you are showing your love for God through his children. Love people for their hearts, souls, and personalities but not for their skin color.


**The poem above was written when I was in 9th grade. I read this at my school’s Black History Month assembly after my science teacher and coach encouraged me to. I am posting this today on my blog as a dedication to Trayvon Martin. As a mother I cannot imagine the pain his mother is feeling right now. I just his family to know that I am sending prayers of strength and support their way. We have to change our attitudes and open our hearts or the senseless blood shed will never stop.**

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