Being A Mom Is Not An Exact Science

I find it so funny how every mom seems to think that her way is probably the best way to raise a child. In reality, being a mom is kind of a game of trial and error. There are things I did with my first baby that I did not do with my second and third because I learned from experience. I remember all the crazy advice I was given about setting a strict sleep schedule from the day we get home. Some people made it clear that it was not a suggestion, I was petrified by all the suggestions. I was so nervous that I barely slept for weeks after I gave birth to my first baby. Oh, by the way, my first baby was a super awesome sleeper and still is. My daughter did not need to be swaddled to fall asleep. I have been blessed with three gentle sweet children who have not had a hard time falling asleep. As for their eating habits well, that is a whole other story. My oldest is all about her salads, candy and cake. She does not like anything else and I am getting to a point where I sometimes have to bribe her to eat her meals, “yes, I know that sounds awful but she does need to eat”. My son on the other hand will eat almost everything except salads, candy, cakes and eggs. I cannot explain why he doesn’t like the foods listed but he has made it clear that he won’t eat them and I have come to terms with his decision. I am secretly hoping that he will wake up one day wanting to eat salads and eggs but I doubt it because he is a determined young man and I love that about him. As for my youngest, she is just getting use to eating “big girl” foods and she is having a blast trying out new foods. I cannot wait to see what she loves and what she doesn’t like. I absolutely love being a mom if you haven’t noticed yet. I wanted to share the above tonight because I feel that sometimes we moms get so excited to share our wisdom with soon to be new moms that we forget that every child is an individual and that they should be raised based on their personality rather than a set of rules someone created for them.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something helpful and meaningful during this visit 🙂

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