Avoiding the heat…Part Deux :)

The plan was to go to sleep but I am still awake so I figure that I should probably share about running challenge. So far I have run for 20 days straight and it feels good despite the crazy heat outside. About that heat, it was 105 degrees today in good ole Virginia. I didn’t go run until after sunset obviously, in fact my hubby and children drove me to a track in town that is well lite and watched me from the car while I ran. I had planned on running at least 3 miles but it was so humid that I stopped slightly under three miles. I had a good pace going but my body was not feeling it at all. I stopped and walked a little before getting back in the car.

We got home to a messy kitchen thanks to the yummy rice spaghetti and shrimp I made for dinner. I will try to post the recipe sometime soon, it was made with organic tomatoes, and gluten-free spaghetti. I have been slowly getting rid of all processed and non-organic foods from my home but it isn’t easy since all the healthy foods are so much more expensive than the not-so-good for you foods. I am looking to farmers markets and I found close to us that I hope to visit frequently for our produce once I convince the hubby that it is worth it.

I weighed myself on day 15 of my running challenge to see if all the running has been making a difference. I am happy to say that I lost 8 of the pounds I have gained after my workout and healthy break. At this rate I should hopefully reach my goal of 30 pounds in 60 days. I do intend on staying with this challenge despite Hades like weather we are experiencing now. Ok, so I am really going to bed now since it is 2:06 am and I have to be up in a few hours. I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂 May God bless you and guide you in all you do 🙂

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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