Running to be healthy not to be skinny

I initially wanted to run for 30 days straight and then decided to add-on 30 more days just to see if I am still capable of running for 60 days non-stop. I am now on day 38 and it feels great that I have kept my goal. I love running and the way I feel after a nice long run. So, have I lost any weight? Yes I have lost 15 pounds in  38 days, well in 30 days. I haven’t lost anymore since I checked last week. This would be upsetting to the “old” me but the person I am today is starting to realize that running is much more than just a way to lose weight. Because of running, I have more energy to play with my munchkins and get great sleep. I also find that I am not as a cranky as I used to be. Yes, us moms tend to get cranky after a long and hectic day of planning fun activities for our children, cleaning the house, cooking yummy and nutritious meals, doing laundry and keeping up with all sorts of appointments and play dates. As a mom it is important to find something fun to do to help relief some of the day-to-day stresses. I am recommending that all of us moms find something we love to do that is outside our roles as wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Having an interest outside the home is great for personal growth in my opinion. I used to feel guilty for wanting to have alone time but not anymore since I am seeing the wonderful benefits of “me time.”

I am so thankful that I am able to get my “me time” and I know that it is sometimes hard for other moms to make time for themselves. It took me years to convince myself that I am deserving of some alone time.  I recommend that all moms make the effort to have “me time” because it is worth it. Well, I have to go now since my little man just woke up. I try to have one-on-one time with each of my children throughout the day. We are going to have some mommy and son time before the girls get up. Wishing you a wonderful day and I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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