The truth about sexual abuse

When you watch the news, do you notice how much of it is about crimes against children? I have and it sickens me to think that despite all the laws in place, children are still being targeted and abused daily. Something has to change, CSA (child sexual abuse) is a serious problem not just in the States but all over the world. There are many countries without laws to protect children from such ungodly acts. I would like more people to stand up and fight for the innocent children of the world because they need someone to give them a voice.

The pie graph above is from the child help website. As you can see in this graph, there are various types of child abuse. You should check this site out if you are interested in learning more about how serious the problem of CSA is in our nation.

Most people don’t really think about the ways that are affected by child abuse in their day-to-day life. If you would take a minute to think about it you probably realize that child abuse does affect us all. Abused children are more likely to become teen mothers, due to the fact that they are less likely to practice safe sex. They also have a higher risk of contract various forms of STDs since they aren’t being safe.

Let’s look at our jails for a minute, 14% of all men in jail were abused as children and 36% of all women in jail were abused as children. Now I don’t know about you but those numbers are pretty in my opinion. We can change stop those numbers from rising. And another thing, did you know that 2/3 of people in treatment for drug problems reported being abused or neglected as children? I am sure that many of you know this but if you did not know now you do and you can positively impact the life of someone so that they do not have to carry on the painful legacy of child abuse.

I am passionate about this because I came from a country that does not seem to value the mental well-being of its people and that is heart breaking to say. I grew up thinking that something is wrong with that and now I know that it is wrong to ignore anyone’s feelings. We as a human community need to stop and look at the world around us to see how can improve not only our own lives but that of those around us.

I am going to ask that everyone us be a mandatory reporter of child abuse. I am not saying that people should fabricate stories of abuse when it is not. What I am saying is that if you see something that is not right seek help and make a difference in that person’s life. I am still sickened by the Sandusky scandal and how some of those young men could have been saved from a lifetime of pain, shame and guilt. Yes, they feel pain, guilt and shame because a part of them will always think that it was their fault and that they could have prevented it. But we all know that child abuse is never the victim’s fault and we need to empower the victims so they can stand up and regain their sense of self-worth.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂 I have attached a few links for those of you who are interested in learning more about CSA and its price on society.



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    This is a serious issue that is rampant in our society. The United States gives money and resources to aid all manner of causes around the world, but atrocities such as this continue to happen in our back yards. As parents we should be vigilant for signs of abuse that may occur around us so we can speak up for the children who feel they have no voice. As fathers we have a responsibility to teach children to recognize appropriate and inappropriate behavior and to respond accordingly. Always keep your eyes and ears open for signs of abuse. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the complaints of children. There may be a reason that they are uncomfortable around a certain person. Obviously, the closer you are to your child and the more accepting you are of them, then the more open they will be with you. Furthermore, if you have experienced abuse as a child please seek to understand how it has affected you so that you make break free of the chains of abuse. This may require some counseling, which is nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with doing what you need to do in order to be a better, more complete person.

  2. I love that you are being attention to this, but you cannot play the victim card as the reason you did not chose to have safe sex or for choosing drugs as a way to deal. Before, anyone thinks, I terrible, I speak before experience. I was an abused child. My first step-father sexual abused me and physically and emotionally (at least that is what I saw) abused my mom. I did not turning into an addict. We all have choices in life and we can chose to play the victim or we can deal with it, grow from it and move on. I did not have the best upbringing but I did not let it control who I am today. Do not miss understand, I did my fair share of being the victim and then being a survivor but I dislike that term too, because I am so much more than just a survivor. I choose to live.

    • You are right to say that there are people who play the victim card. I would like for you to think about the fact that everyone deal with the world in a different way. To some it is “easy” to move on and lead a normal life while others struggle their whole life to regain the control they lost. I have worked with people who were sexually, emotionally and physically abused. Some people grow and become stronger despite their background and then there are those who fall apart and are never able to pull it together. Not being able to move on does not necessarily mean that those people are playing the victim card, it could just be that they are not able to move on. Some get stuck in that moment emotionally and it can literally destroy their lives if there is no one there to help them cope. Many of the problems we see in society today are directly linked to how some people were treated ass children. I commend you for growing past your painful past and I pray that you use your knowledge and strength to help someone else grow and heal. Thank you for reading and for your heartfelt response 🙂

      • I did not have help, my mom ignored it, my aunt told me it happened get over it and my Grandma said it happened to her and it sucked. But, what I am saying is, it is a choice to let it destroy your life. I mean, yes, I can chose to live in fear hiding under my bed or I can chose to face those fears and go out into the outside. I am not saying it happens overnight night but you have to make the chose to crawl under the bed or to take the steps to go outside, generally, baby steps. We always have a choice of how we react.

      • It is unfortunate that you did not have help and that you were hurt in the first place. Everyone deserves to have a childhood that is filled with great memories instead of painful ones. I am very happy that you have grown past your pain and that you are not stuck in a place that so many people are still in. There are millions of people all of the world struggling to get over the pain of being abused as a child. I understand you said that some of those might be using the victim card and you are probably right but I would like for you to think about the fact that God made us differently no matter how similar some of might seem. Some people can let go and have a wonderful life despite years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse while others turn to drugs to deal with the pain. Others turn to sex, crime and other things instead of facing it head on and confront that part of their life. Research has shown that many people with mental issues have a history of abuse of some sort in their past. Is this to say that all people with a mental health diagnosis were abused as children? No, it is just saying that there are some and the same can be said for those that use drugs, commit crimes and act otherwise out in ways that are contrary to society’s norms. I have encountered a variety of people with abuse in their past and it is heart breaking to hear about the pain they have had to live with and in a way it makes sense that some people would rather use drugs instead of dealing with the reality of what they had experience. I am glad that you feel comfortable enough to share such personal parts of you with me and anyone who reads my posts. I have a feeling that someone will learn from it and break free from the chains of pain and shame. I thank you for visiting and for reading and I appreciate your feedback always 🙂

    • Your very kind but I think my point is being missed. First, statistics can be skewed in many ways and do not contain all the data and they assume people are one hundred percent truthfully. Second, you are correct many chose to turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, crimes or what ever it is but I am saying is that is a conscious choice they/we made. I could have just as easily chosen to turn to sex to numb my pain or humiliation or guilt and I am not saying that because I did not that I am stronger or better. However, only a few months ago, I would have but I have learned that regardless of your choices we all have consequences, and should be add to that burden by judging. We are all works on progress constantly learned through our life experiences. I believe we have to allow God to be the potter and us the clay and trust in Him. And, honestly, I am who I am today because of who I was yesterday.

      • You are right, statistics can be skewed unfortunately. As a survivor of childhood sexual, verbal, physical and emotional abuse I am beyond thankful for God’s love and guidance. Without God by my side I would not be the person that I am today. I try to use my experience to help others know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They have to make an effort if they want to see that light. I know we all deal with pain differently and the ability to change and become a better person lies within each of us but some people seem to need a hand or two to help get up and face their painful pasts.

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