I am not voting for Mitt Romney!!!

I am not voting for Mitt Romney and here is why. Mr. Romney does a lot of talking in his ads but that is all he is doing. I want Mr. Romney to outline exactly how he is going to make things better for me as an American woman with three children and hard-working husband. My hard-working husband who pays all his taxes and doesn’t find ways to get a tax break like Mr. Romney does. I want Mr. Romney to show me a plan that is fair and just for all Americans not just for the top earning Americans but for ALL. I want Mr. Romney to show me how he is going to help create jobs, how he is going to fix our schools. I want to know how Mr. Romney is going to deal with international incidents with tact and respect, because his track record on dealing with our allies has not been so well. *Hint: think about his responses to how the Summer Olympics were organized* Mr. Romney I am a hard-working American who will vote for President Obama this year because I feel that he will help to create more jobs, I also feel that he has a great tax plan that will benefit ALL Americans not just the top 1%.


I have never felt entitled to anything. I moved to the states in 1993 and I have worked hard for everything I have. To some I don’t have much because I don’t have a big fancy house and expensive clothes, cars and that I don’t go on expensive vacation. I feel blessed to have the life I have and I want to give my children all the opportunities I did not have growing up but your tax plans will make that nearly impossible.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I have been trying with all my might to stay clear of political posts on my blog but a video I saw this evening got me really worked up. Mr. Romney does not understand the everyday working class American and he somehow has this crazy impression that people voting for President Obama are only doing so because they feel entitled. I was raised to work hard and I am doing my very best to instill those same values to my children. Yes, there are people who feel that the government somehow owes them but I promise you Mr. Romney, they do not add up to the 47% you mentioned at that fundraising dinner.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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