Running Detour…Again

Okay, so I was of to a great start with my running challenge until my right ankle decided to put a dent in my plans. I went to bed Thursday night feeling like someone beat me up pretty badly. My right ankle felt like it was on fire. I took some pain medicine like I usually do  but that didn’t help this time. The thing is that I have been battling chronic pain in my right ankle since May of 2007. I have seen several doctors about this pain and they have yet to help me figure out what is causing it and how to get rid of it. I am in pain 90 percent of the time and have been able to manage over the years.  I was even able to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in May 2010.  A college  classmate signed up but was not able to do the run due to a last-minute schedule conflict and I ran it instead and it was wonderful to have had such a great experience despite all the pain during and after the race.

I loved it so much that I decided to train for another one, hence why I have been doing my “little” running challenges but I am starting to think that I might have to put that dream/goal aside for now…well, until I find a way to properly deal with my not so nice right ankle. With that said, I guess it is safe to say that I didn’t run on Friday and Saturday and the jury is still out on me running today.  I wore my handy-dandy bulky ankle brace last night and so far I feel less pain so the running nut in me is thinking that maybe I should try going out for a short run. I know, why would I want to inflict pain on my body if I don’t have to? Because I love running and it is one of those things that none runners don’t really get.  I feel one with nature when I am out running, it’s like I can do anything and I love feeling that way. Well, I better get back to sleep…my youngest woke up almost 2 hours ago to play. I indulged her and then gave her a pre-breakfast snack and milk and now she is fast asleep on my lap as I write this post. So I should go back to sleep now that she is asleep and my temperature is back down.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading, I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit. Wishing you a good night or day depending on where you are in the world. Please pray for the people of Hawaii and those of us on the Eastern Shore and those who have been impacted by the “Super storm” Sandy.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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