How shallow have we become?

I read this article and it made me so angry that I had to say something about it. What has become of society? When has aesthetics become so important that a man is willing to put his child’s emotional well-being at risk by suing his wife for not birthing the beautiful child he had expected. WHAT???????????? Yes, I am pissed off at this idiot. How dare you call your own flesh and blood ugly? First of all, God does not make ugly children. People see what they want to see. In the Bible it said that God made man in his image, so is this jerk saying that God is ugly?

I probably shouldn’t be calling him names but as a mother of three children, my heart is breaking for that poor mom and her child. Here she was thinking that she had found the man of her dreams and he turns out to be Super jerk from planet idiot. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that his wife had surgery. Most women and some men in our society have had a surgery or two to “fix” what they and the rest of society see as flaws. God didn’t make a mistake when he made his wife the way she was before the surgeries but society somehow made her feel inadequate.  So she went and changed to fit into what she feels is more aesthetically pleasing. We all see in the news about children getting bullied for not looking cute enough by their peers and this is all stemming from a decline in parenting. Parents need to start teaching their children about the importance of inner beauty and loving the body and faces they were born with.

I hurt for this woman for more than one reason, I was teased and made to feel ugly by members of my family all throughout my childhood. I had a hard time liking or loving myself for years because I didn’t feel like I was good enough to be loved by anyone. Had I had the money,  I probably would have gotten some work done. I am thankful that I never had the opportunity to do that because God has helped me to see that I am a beautiful person inside and outside. I would like more parents to foster a sense of pride in their children, so they don’t grow up and marry jerks like this man in the article above.

Please pray for that woman and her child because this cannot be easy for them at all. I also hope that she sues her ex-husband for emotional damages for both herself and their child. I am not saying that she should sue out of vengeance but because she needs the money for therapy to help her develop a better sense of self and to help empower her son or daughter to make sure that they don’t grow up feeling so desperate that they would want surgery.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I do hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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