Amir Jennings: Missing Since December 2011

  • In this Nov. 25, 2011 photo provided by the Columbia S.C., Police Dept., 18-month-old Amir Jennings is shown near Columbia, S.C. Amir disappeared on December 2011 while in custody of his mother. Amir's mother, Zinah Jennings, has been on trial on a charge related to his dissapearance. (AP Photo/Columbia S.C., Police Dept.)

AMIR JENNINGS- Missing since  December 2011

So as a mother of three beautiful African-American children, this story really got my attention. I don’t know the circumstances leading to his disappearance but it is painful to think about the fact that the national media has not picked up this story is sad. Yes, he is not the only missing child in the United States but why then focus on Caylee Anthony and Jon Benet? I would really hope that it is not a race thing that is preventing news outlets from airing this little boy’s story and how he can be found. Yes, he is mother is shaky and that is why she was arrested but it doesn’t change the fact that poor little boy is still missing. I am going to post this note everyday to help get Amir Jennings the attention he deserves. I am also encouraging everyone reading this right to share the article above to help get Amir Jennings the attention his case deserves. You never know, he might still be alive somewhere. Please share this story and any other news story about a missing child because they deserve to be found.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading and I hope that you find something meaningful and helpful during this visit 🙂

I keep searching for updates on Amir to see if something has changed or if someone spoke up about something they saw or heard. I attached another link with more details about Amir. Please keep your eyes and eyes open for this little boy.

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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