Daily Scripture: When Was Jesus Born?

Now in those days a decree went forth from Caesar Au‧gus′tus for all the inhabited earth to be registered; (this first registration took place when Qui‧rin′i‧us was governor of Syria;) and all people went traveling to be registered, each one to his own city.” — Luke 2: 1-3 (New World Translation)

“There were also in that same country shepherds living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks.”– Luke 2:8 (New World Translation)

Now it was preparation of the passover; it was about the sixth hour. And he said to the Jews: “See! YOUR​ king!” However, they shouted: “Take [him] away! Take [him] away! Impale him!” Pilate said to them: “Shall I impale ​YOUR​ king?” The chief priests answered: “We have no king but Caesar.” At that time, therefore, he handed him over to them to be impaled.
Then they took charge of Jesus.”– John 19:14-16 (New World Translation)

I decided to share these scriptures above because there are so many people celebrating Christmas for the wrong reason. Yes, it is wonderful to know that some people celebrate Christmas because they want to honor Jesus Christ but wouldn’t it be nice if we try to celebrate him everyday of our lives instead of just one day? Our children know based on what we have learned in the Bible that Jesus was not born on December 25th and that the day was chosen by mankind. They also know that it is better to celebrate Jesus daily in the way we live our lives and I hope that more people focus on celebrating Jesus daily.

I thank you for stopping by and for reading. I hope that you find something helpful and meaningful during this visit and may God continue to guide you and protect you in all you do 🙂

your feedback is appreciated!!!

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